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The NYU Center for Advanced Technology in Multimedia was a 10 year NYSTAR funded project from 1993-2004, one of 13 such centers funded under this program in New York State.

The NYU CAT accomplished many things in those ten years, including helping to launch new technologies and companies, training many people in developing technologies in the crucial early years of the mid-90's, providing a bridge for faculty and students from all over NYU to work together across inter-departmental boundaries, and helping to create and retain many hi-tech jobs in NY State.

The CAT was also a strong promoter of the New Media arts and culture, working with and supporting many worthy cultural projects, from children's hospitals to science museums to cultural archives, as well as many cutting edge and award winning works by talented and innovative artists.

Those of us who formed the CAT owe a special thanks to the Courant Institute and the Computer Science Department for graciously housing the CAT and for the many ways they have helped support our activities. Much of the work of the NYU CAT continues in the Media Research Laboratory, which is an exciting and growing laboratory within the NYU Department of Computer Science.

Thanks are due to the many individual faculty from departments around NYU who have contributed their time and expertise to help make the CAT a true intellectual meeting place, including Cynthia Allen, TK Baltimore, Debbi Baum, Ben Bederson, Henning Biermann, Robb Bifano, Steve Brams, Kate Brehm, Jimm Burris, Patrice Caire, John Canemaker, Clilly Castiglia, Steve Cooney, Michael Crumpton, Jessica DeVincenzo, Louella Dizon, Davi Geiger, Arthur Golberg, Troy Downing, Allison Druin, Kevin Feeley, Philip Gallanter, Athomas Goldberg, Jeff Han, Fred Hansen, Dawn Harris, Aaron Hertzmann, Natalie Jeremijenko, Art Johnson, Ajit Kambil, Andruid Kerne, Betsey Kershaw, Joel Kollin, Daniel Kristjansson, Sabrina Liao, Lisa Mackie, Jon Meyer, Kristin Meyer, Bud Mishra, Daniel Moss, Brian Murfin, Martin Nachbar, Lorie Novak, Kerry O'Neill, Daphne Pabst, Ken Perlin, Stuart Piltch, Chris Poultney, Charles Peskin, Rajesh Raichoudhury, Patricia Rinaldi, Robert Rowe, Rebecca Ross, Daniel Rozin, Jack Schwartz, Dennis Shasha, Madrid Tennant, Demetri Terzopoulos, Mary Tierney, Alexander Tuzhilin, Mike Uretsky, Michael Wahrman, Noah Wardrip-Fruin Peter Weishar, Duane Whitehurst, Chee Yap, and Denis Zorin.

The number of our friends and colleagues in industry and at cultural institutions who worked with or sponsored the CAT is simply too vast to be individually listed here. You know who you are, and you know that we and NYU are all grateful for your contributions and collaboration, which in many cases are still continuing to grow and evolve.

The NYU CAT are and always will be a unique family, one that will always be connected together through many shared experiences and good works. We are confident that the good influence of the CAT will continue to ripple through our lives and our work in the years to come.